What attracts a great tenant?

Looking at investing? Here are some tips to consider when viewing investment properties that will attract great long-term tenants.


Seems a no-brainer but location is a big factor with tenants.  Is the investment property close to public transport? Are there shops within walking distance? Can you walk to the local schools?  Parks and walking trails are always looked on favourably by prospective tenants.

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Having parks close by to an investment property is a big tick for tenants.


Ensuring the property has a dishwasher at the very least is a deal-breaker with many tenants.  Some new appliances which tenants consider “must have items” now include alarm systems, security cameras and even a ducted vacuum system.  Most properties now have air conditioning for those long hot summer nights in Queensland – these properties always rent quick!

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Dishwasher is now a deal-breaker for tenants. Photo by Mohammad Esmaili on Unsplash

Home Office

With the ever present pandemic of Covid-19 always looming, workers are now being encouraged to work from home.  Whilst lock downs will hopefully be a thing of the past, employers are diversifying their businesses to adopt a flexible approach when it comes to employees working from home.  Does your investment property have room for an office/work space? If it doesn’t, you can read more about remote work friendly ideas here.

Is Your Investment Property Remote Work Friendly? Here's Why It Should Be
Implementing work from home strategies. GETTY


Especially if the property is on a main road, a tenant will be looking at whether there are high fences or shrubbery to maximise their privacy.  Privacy can also be provided by way of privacy screens from neighbours, tinted windows and secluded gardens if the home is lacking.


Investing in dead locks on all doors, security screens and cameras and even a back to base security alarm system helps tenants feel safe and secure within the investment property.

Energy Efficient

Consider installing solar panels and solar hot water. Anything that can save money for the tenant gets a big tick.

With Green Kite Property Management on your side, you don’t have to worry about juggling all the responsibilities of finding good tenants, advertising and showing your home, knowing what to charge for rent, and taking care of any maintenance needs.  Call us today on 0421 757 100.

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