Why Fixed Fee works

Green Kite Property Management have put together some key points to consider how a fixed rate will work for you (and how it works for us):

Your Budget

Fixed rates are ideal when you are watching your budget.  On a percentage based management fee model, your fees can change all the time.  With fixed rates, you know exactly what the fees are, and easily forecast them into the future regardless of whether your rental value fluctuates up or down.  Savvy investors watch their every dollar to ensure their investment is tracking as it should.

Property management by Green Kite budget

More money in your pocket

Many of our landlords love our fixed rates because any rent increases go straight to their pocket.  In today’s economic landscape with cost of living increasing and interest rates rising having extra funds to pay that investment loan off quicker is a plus!  We also do not charge for lease renewals or statement fees either.  In our eyes it never made sense to charge a percentage because the same amount of work is generated to achieve the same result for each property.

You can read more about our fixed rates here.

Customer Service

At Green Kite Property Management we pride ourselves in our customer service and honestly believe we provide better service than some of our top competitors.  We personally complete four routine inspections per year on your property – unlike other fixed rate operators, Green Kite Property Management never outsources any tasks.  We meet any prospective tenants and strongly believe in developing great relationships with not only our owners but our tenants too.  In fact, we have capped the ratio between properties managed to property manager which results in us knowing your property intimately!


Lower overheads

We are able to offer fixed fees because we have lower overheads its that simple.  We don’t cut corners. We don’t outsource.  We don’t have the fancy office and by doing so, we are able to deliver the same amount of service as our percentage based counterparts who will charge for everything.  We are also transparent with our fees unlike other agencies and we don’t have any hidden costs such as technology fees or reporting fees which will affect your returns.  We believe in a fixed fee rate which offers the fairest value for money for investors whilst not cutting any corners and still providing a professional service.

Cost Savings

Compare the difference on a standard rent value in Brisbane Western suburbs of $690 a week (sourced Core Logic).  A standard Brisbane percentage based management fee of 7% on this rent value is $48.30 a week in fees to the investor.  This equates to $2,511.60 per annum.  With Green Kite Property Management’s fixed fee of $25 a week on the same rent value this equates to a massive savings of $23.30 per week and an overall savings of $1,211.60 per year in management fees alone.

With the economy currently experiencing interest rates sky rocketing, cost of living pressures, increased costs on house maintenance, tradesperson labour and not to mention high insurance premiums – now is the time to make the switch to Green Kite Property Management.  We will save you money with our low fixed management fees of $25 per week.


Property management by Green Kite Savings table 2

If you are wanting to know more about fees and the costs associated with your investment property or would like a free appraisal, then give Green Kite Property Management a call on 0421 757 101 – we are only more than happy to help you achieve your investment goals!

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Why Fixed Fee works

Green Kite Property Management have put together some key points to consider how a fixed rate will work for you (and how it works for